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Surpass Your Competition

With labor markets more competitive than ever, you need the tools to stand out from the crowd. Show your existing leaders and prospects that you have their best interests at heart.


We Understand Executives and Their Impact

Consistently ranking in Top 10% of executive healthcare providers in the nation, we understand the needs of executives, and their health’s impact on the bottom line.

The Executive Health Doc™, Dr. Shahan, Chowdhury, works with companies seeking to ignite growth in their executives, both professionally and personally; and who desire to stand out from the crowd and be attractive to in-demand talent.

We only focus on executives and their unique executive health challenges, as senior leaders are statistically less healthy than the general workforce.

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Executive Health Stats

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  • 24% less sleep than the average worker
  • 23% more hours worked than the average worker
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Mental Health

  • 90% struggle with work/life balance
  • 40% deal with depression
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Heart Disease Risk

  • 73% live a sedentary lifestyle
  • 40% obesity rate
  • 100% of obese patients have increased heart disease risk

We Deliver:

Heart Attack and Stroke

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Mental Health and

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Nutrition and Food Training

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